Accept Online Payments

  • EkartBuilder understand the need of their clients and therefore work to give a perfect solution to their requirements. In this era of digitalization, the payments method is also digitalized, and India is becoming a cashless economy.  Ekartbuilder is always ahead when it comes to technology and therefore have introduced online payments service. 

  • By using EkartBuilder online payment service, you can receive instant online payment through numerous mediums such as PayU, 2checkout, Paypal, Paytm, etc. We provide you secured payment gateways so that you and your customers can do the transaction without worrying about online frauds.
  • With change in time, there is shift in customers buying behavior and they have started shopping online. With this change in consumer behavior, providing online payment service is a must for any e-commerce website. If you are the e-com website which has not integrated online payment method in your website, then buck up. It is high time! Join hands with us and provide your customers safest online payment service.
  • Profit is just a click away if you have fast and convenient online payment options. It is essential to make the payment less time to consume and hassle-free, otherwise you may not only lose trust your customer but also your customer will shift to your competitor brand.
  • Give easily set-up payments option to your website, and we are sure that our buttons are a great way to accept payments. You customer may be sitting in the deserted village or world-class building of metropolitan, all they need is internet for payment and the rest we will take care. We promise to help you every step on your way of transaction.

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