Bulk Email

eKartBuilder Email Platform and APIs are 100% FREE to use with no hidden costs. Just top-up with Email credits as and when you need. Please note that

  • Email credits have unlimited validity
  • Pricing includes discounts for higher bundles
  • Access to Email platform & APIs is free forever

We promise to match any competitor Email prices with similar features and connectivity. We only ever use the highest quality routes and guarantee the very best speed & deliverability.

Emails Pack Price Subscriber
500 Emails₹300Unlimited
5,000 Emails₹1500Unlimited
15,000 Emails₹3000Unlimited
30,000 Emails₹5000Unlimited
50,000 Emails₹7,000Unlimited
1,00,000 Emails₹10,500Unlimited
2,00,000 Emails₹20,000Unlimited
3,00,000 Emails₹25,000Unlimited

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