Manage Marketing Campaigns

  • The biggest challenge for any website is to increase traffic to their website. Various techniques and strategizes are to be applied to increase the number of audiences. Google, Facebook, Instagram & ads on various other online platforms is the sole solution to your complex problem. As your prospective customers have a presence on these platforms, therefore it is a perfect place to tap them and bring them to your website.

  • Once you start running your campaigns, managing and tracking ads of all these platforms is also a cumbersome task. You have to switch from one platform to another to observe the results. Changing from one platform to another may reduce your efficiency and thus effect your strategy making ability. Ekartbuilder recognized this problem and therefore built a platform to analyze and measure your campaigns and its results on the single dashboard.
  • Are ads only way to increase traffic to your store? Absolutely not. There are millions of other ways to increase traffic. Every year new online tactics are introduced and are replaced with old ones. So, digital marketing managers need to frame ideal marketing mix solutions to get people to your website. Wherever the focus is on search engines, on social media marketing, or combines conventional banner advertising more and display network together: with our tips, you can optimize your future strategies.

  • With our partnership, you can streamline your entire process of managing, tracking & analyzing your digital campaigns effectively to monitors your progress without any requirement of in-depth knowledge in digital marketing.  Along with this, Ekartbuilder upgrades themselves regularly and will keep on adding new tools & features to your marketing sections so that you can find more ways to increase the visibility of your website.

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