Simplified Product Management

  • Now that you are building your own online store than managing your products accordingly is very essential, using our online store builder you will have great control over your product pages. 

  • We provide the best UX with multiple product management options available at your site. Making the process straightforward from the frontend as well as backed making it very easy for you to operate. Products configurable are available to easily edit quality, stock, Color, size and more. 
  • Sell your product by your own at your own online store, and manage your product by your own self, it's all yours. Manage to upload your product picture, the name your product, it's pricing, category, weight, and some other information about your product. All the details will be uploaded by you at some easy and simple steps. You don't need any learning to perform this. Anytime you can change any information you want.
  • Just created a new product from the product screen in Ekartbuilder, update the availability settings of your product to let it appear on your sales channel. You can easily add and remove products, can give a brief description of your product, uploading a product image, image category, template over product, SEO management everything will be on your demand and of your choice.
  • And there are many key things you need to know before managing your products information, like Pricing- giving a price range to your product will add clarity and let customers browse products they can afford, Filtering options- this will make your filter by product's size, price or brand names. Featured option- giving your customers a preferred shopping path, Product information- to get extra information about the product they are viewing and wishing to buy, giving a specific section for it. All these are essential for perfectly managing your product. Simply manage your store's product on your own.

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